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Simple. Quickly. Comprehensive. Informed.

Derive information from data and thus successfully control health care: This is our promise to managers and controllers in hospitals. As experts in software for coding, quality assurance, controlling and secure drug management, we structure all data relating to a patient stay and make it available to you. No matter in which medium or with which IT system you and your employees enter data, we create order and sort so that you receive answers to your questions.


  • With ID products you control your hospital and position it successfully for the future.
  • With ID products you optimize your revenue situation and position yourself as an attractive employer and partner for referring physicians.
  • With ID products you report correctly, completely and uncomplicatedly to all instances (MDK, INeK, health insurance companies…) to which you have to supply data.
  • With ID products you can identify critical events in drug therapy and improve the health of your patients.
  • With ID products, you use artificial intelligence mechanisms to improve the performance of your facility – both economically and qualitatively.
  • Use your data to be successful. We accompany you through the process.


Effective coding in daily routines on the wards has a direct impact on the revenue situation in the hospital. With ID clinical context coding and the new generation of ID DIACOS®, you can make optimal use of the possibilities offered by digitization. Ours has been developed to improve coding quality and to relieve the burden on employees.


A hospital’s economic efficiency, performance, and quality are monitored, controlled, and assured by the medical and commercial Controlling departments. The ID EFIX® product provides hospital managers, quality managers, and medication controllers with a comprehensive workplace where they can quickly prepare figures and check the integrity of the service documentation, for example.


Almost every patient stay in hospital involves prescribed medication. ID’s eMedication products, ID DIACOS® PHARMA, ID MEDICS®, and ID PHARMA APO, support this important process. The software allows hospitals to structure processes more efficiently and thus improve the quality of the complex medication process and increase patient safety. For the caregiver, optimized medication management and a reduction in the documentation required are welcome side effects.


All ID products help in improving medical and pharmaceutical processes. For one, by optimizing the cost-efficiency of those processes (controlling and coding) and, for another, by warning of adverse events and checking for plausibilities (eMedication). These products are based upon the medical semantic network ID MACS® and the terminology server ID LOGIK®. Both AI components improve work in hospitals, making it more efficient and more accurate.