ID DIACOS®, the leading software system for documenting clinical services, establishes diagnosis and treatment codes quickly and accurately. Coding quality is optimized through bidirectional integration with hospital information systems.
ID DIACOS® offers clear guidance, both content-wise and formally, through the necessary steps for encoding, and guarantees compliance with all legal and administrative requirements.
Likewise, ID DIACOS® simplifies and structures direct charge capture/charge determination within the given financial reimbursement system.
ID DIACOS® is very efficient. It has been used for multiple years in over 1,200 sites in multiple countries and multiple languages, including English.

  • over 10 years’ experience with ICD-10 coding in multiple countries and multiple languages, including English
  • now offering ICD-10-CM coding as well
  • provides coding accuracy through semantic searches and error recognition
  • automatically creates diagnostic, procedural, and DRG-based management reports
  • provides outpatient coding guidelines
  • provides bidirectional, generic integration for optimal deployment in hospital information systems and management information systems
System Requirements