This was created in 2002 and since then, ID has been participating in the annual certification of a Grouper software by InEK, in which a number of Grouper software programs are certified for Java and COBOL tools.

In addition to the certified DRG inquiry section, the ID GROUPER G-DRG contains other functions for calculating discounts, cascading calculations for departments, and case consolidation.

Individual billing expenses for DRGs and other additional fees can be administrated easily with the Editor. The general base case values are available and can be allocated immediately according to the effective period and managed in conclusion of the  negotiated budget.

  • free for users of ID DIACOS® or ID EFIX®
  • easy management for individual billing
  • Settlement safety certificate by INEK
  • NUBs can be edited just like in-house DRGs and additional fees
System Requirements