The technology used by ID to structure and streamline medical tasks is based on the ID MACS® – medical semantic network.
Financial reimbursement systems – classifications – rules and standards – reference knowledge – clinical concepts – semantic links are represented in the semantic network. By connecting specialized knowledge of rules (case-related, “learned”) and semantic basic knowledge (universal, not “learned”) as well as by using modern technology, complex relations can be represented within a short amount of time.
ID MACS® – medical semantic network represents a highly sophisticated knowledge base for medical software. The system provides the basis for a differentiated documentation and – e.g. when used within a coding system – proposes reasonable treatments and plausibly subscripted medicaments based on coded diagnosis and localization.

  • extremely sophisticated knowledge base for medical software
  • operating at a multidimensional level
  • multilingual (German, English, French, Latin, Mandarin, Russian and Slovenian)
  • differs significantly in complexity from traditional classification systems
  • parallel documentation in different classifications possible
  • complete mapping of SNOMED CT