ID DIACOS® Spezial

Recording of services for complex measures

OPS, PEPP, and other special services: With ID DIACOS® SPEZIAL products, documents can be produced quickly and thoroughly, because the software is developed specifically for your work situation.

Medical therapies are complex, sometimes they are highly individual, and sometimes there are recurring standards. However, in day-to-day operations, one thing always applies: The more accurately the service is documented, the more thorough the invoicing. With its ID DIACOS® special modules, ID has developed products which make it easier for doctors, nurses, and therapists to document therapies and procedures, even in individual situations. The comprehensive and yet easy to follow documentation solutions for recording assessments, therapies, and diagnostic measures, with integrated checks against OPS minimum features and automated generation of procedure codes, are available in the following areas:

ID DIACOS® Spezial Psych: Software for PEPP calculation in psychiatry, which converts all OPS-related services to therapy units.
ID DIACOS® Spezial Schmerz: Software for recording complex treatments and diagnostics in the various areas of pain therapy, physical rehabilitative medicine, multimodal non-operative treatments of the locomotor system, and other chronic diseases.
ID DIACOS® Spezial Geriatrie: A specific solution which, together with aspects related to organ medicine, also takes into account the functional impairments, psychosocial problems and risk constellations, and the incapacitating conditions in self-help.
ID DIACOS® Spezial Palliativ: The ID solution provides caregivers with maximum freedom during this particular end-of-life situation. They can now document everything without worrying about complex OPS systems.
ID DIACOS® PKMS: The solution for recording complex care measure scores continuously provides you with a current overview of completed forms, the running score, and the plausibilities.
ID DIACOS® Spezial Neurologie: Documentation solution for the progress documentation that accompanies therapy and the performance of all assessments which are the prerequisite for recording the early stages of neurological-neurosurgical rehabilitation.


  • Documentation templates for planning therapy measures, incl. progress documentation specific to professional groups
  • Checking against minimum OPS characteristics, with automated generation of procedure codes
  • Access to extensive hospital catalogs, which can each be added to individually
  • Plausibility checks for correcting discrepancies in the documentation
  • Special mask for documenting weekly team meetings
  • Bi-directional, generic integration for optimal use in the hospital information system/MIS