Improving safety of prescribed medication with
Closed Loop Medication Management

Almost every patient stay in hospital involves prescribed medication. ID’s eMedication products, ID DIACOS® PHARMA, ID MEDICS®, and ID PHARMA APO, support this important process. The software allows hospitals to structure processes more efficiently and thus improve the quality of the complex medication process and increase patient safety. For the caregiver, optimized medication management and a reduction in the documentation required are welcome side effects.

ID products reliably and dependably support doctors, caregivers, and pharmacists at every stage of the medication prescription process. By digitalizing the whole process, they allow the hospital to develop a Closed Loop Medication Management system. They always present relevant information for prescriptions legibly, provide a warning if any information is missing, and warn against any interactions. Patient admission and discharge are simplified by using the software to digitally record the medication and related documentation. The products support the complex work flow, from admission to discharge, and provide the opportunity for more interaction across professions, resulting in an optimal use of know-how. The pharmacy staff is integrated by functions for managing medication lists, controlling unit dose systems, and recording consumption for materials management.

From the fast and accurate conversion of ambulatory medication, to stationary medication, to the automatic recording of discharge medication, including the Federal Uniform Medication Plan (BMP), the software helps speed up processes and improve the quality of care.

ID MEDICS® is a medical device. From version 7.8.39 HF3 onwards, it is a class IIa medical device according to MDR. Users are provided with ready-to-use solutions in which knowledge is available from ID MACS® and ID LOGIK® as well as from standard catalogs, and in which additional knowledge can be entered and updated at any time.


  • Clarity in the prescription process: Legibility, clear patient reference, availability of information
  • Fast and correct conversion of admission and discharge medication
  • Support for discharge management
  • Plausibility check of medication by means of indications and warnings about adverse reactions, maximum doses, interactions
  • Organizational support for medication management
  • Reduction in data duplication thanks to interfaces to the hospital information system, LIS, PDMS, and materials management system

You can download the current system requirements here.