Closed loop: Medication support
from the hospital information system

Medication processes integrated into hospital information systems are supported by the ID MEDICS® expert software from ID, the market leader in software for revenue-optimized coding and safe medication.

ID MEDICS® has been designed as a specialist application for medication, to complement hospital information systems. As a medication backbone, it provides uniformly prepared medication master data, services, and GUI components for primary systems on wards and intensive care units/intermediate units, in emergency departments and in outpatient departments. The functionalities contained in ID MEDICS® display all steps of the medication process digitally, in full, and across all departments. Hospitals and patients benefit from a sensible digitalization of the medication process as an essential step in supporting the safe prescribing of medication, with positive consequences for recovery and the length of stay in hospital.

With the focus on the safe prescribing of medication, ID MEDICS® includes a medication check – ID PHARMA CHECK® – which checks the prescription at any point in time and compares it with patient data. What’s more, ID MEDICS® also has various printing capabilities, including a 2-D bar code for the Federal Uniform Medication Plan. On top of this, discharge medication can be transferred to the medical report of the hospital information system.

ID MEDICS® is certified by the KBV health insurance scheme for the “prescription of medication” and can be used as a complete eMedication system for printing prescriptions and for generating the Federal Uniform Medication Plan.


  • Calling up information about medication
  • Medication anamnesis:
    • Adopting medication from the patient’s previous treatment cases
    • Scanning options (BMD, packaging, bar codes)
    • Automated conversion to medication on the ward
  • Dispensing / Prescribing:
    • Select / Search in the house list
    • Displaying all possible prescription types (identifying abbreviations)
    • Documentation of individual dispensing schemes
    • Displaying prescription templates
    • Checking the safety of prescribed medication
  • Processing medications during the patient’s stay in hospital
  • Interactive overview of medication, with scrolling option through the hospital stay of individual patients
  • Patient-related display of all prescriptions and administrations, including oncological therapy, by displaying the prescriptions from BD Cato®
  • Printout of medication plans and labels (BMP)
  • Order and delivery documentation (also ward-related)
  • Discharge management: Presentation of statutory documentation requirements and printing of prescriptions

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