Digitalization promotes interaction across all professionals in the medication process

ID PHARMA APO allows hospitals to actively integrate pharmacists into the medication process. Tangible outcomes include safe prescription of medication, medication information available at any time, and optimized ordering processes.

With the pharmacist workplace ID PHARMA APO, you can integrate pharmaceutical know-how into the medication process and, thanks to the increased interdisciplinary cooperation, improve the quality of therapy and cost-effectiveness in your hospital. Because the software shows what medication the patient is receiving, the pharmacist is able to provide recommendations and optimize the logistics of medication supply.

ID PHARMA APO is seamlessly incorporated into ID MEDICS®. Thanks to the close interlinking of the modules, the know-how of all those involved in the medication process can be used exactly when it is most relevant. ID PHARMA APO provides pharmacists with additional functions, which are specially designed to meet the requirements of modern medication prescription and supply tailored to the individual patient. Extensive filters give the pharmacist a quick overview of patient groups in the context of specific issues, such as antibiotic therapy.

In the validation overview, the plausibility of the medication is checked for each patient, taking laboratory parameters into account. The results of the ID PHARMA CHECK® are always available here. The pack order management provides the interface to unit-dose/automated picking systems and allows a transparent supply of medication to the individual patient.

The hospital catalog management supports the pharmacy in organizing the hospital medication list. This is done by accessing the qualified information in the ABDA database so that pharmaceutical master data are available automatically without the need for additional maintenance. The hospital’s information can be supplemented and is then centrally available to each user in the hospital catalog and in ID MEDICS®


  • Management of hospital catalogs by importing information from materials management systems and by making individual entries
  • Validation overview, with filter options
  • Pack order management, incl. control of unit-dose systems
  • Access to ID MEDICS® functions

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