ID Quality Report

Demonstrate service and quality, and remain competitive

The ID Quality Report provides you with intelligent and intuitive support when preparing quality reports in line with statutory requirements. Reduced workloads, accurate data, and a professional layout are a matter of course.

The quality report should serve as a decision-making tool for patients, to aid them in selecting the most suitable hospital. Meanwhile, the hospitals have the opportunity to provide the public with a transparent overview of their service and quality, in order to retain their competitive edge. With the ID Quality Report, you can quickly prepare a complete quality report in line with statutory requirements. You can also incorporate your own additional information so that you can publish documents for specific target groups, such as patients or referring doctors.

The previous year’s report is always used as the basis, which means that many fields are already populated. A traffic-light system helps you to distinguish between mandatory fields and optional fields. It guides you step-by-step through the preparation of the report. Special regulations for psychiatric hospitals and departments are also taken into consideration, as is the inclusion of easy-to-understand texts in the patient version.

To simplify the work flow design, send the individual report sections separately to the respective specialist departments for completion. The software then puts the individual sections back together again correctly. ICD and OPS codes find their way into the report via interfaces and can be assigned to both departments with beds and those without. Automatic invoicing is set up for the human resources division.

A final plausibility check is carried out after completion of the quality report. If the document is without errors, an XML file is created automatically and is ready to be sent. If a full report has to be prepared for a hospital group, the report is automatically generated using the individual facility reports. A layout manager, which allows the formatting of PDF, Word, and HTML documents, ensures that the report looks professional.


  • Automatic data transfer from the dataset as per §21 Hospital Fees Act
  • Structuring and distribution function for individual report sections
  • Data quality check (completeness and processing status)
  • Consideration of specific rules for psychiatric hospitals
  • TerminCheck for timely submission
  •  Layout manager for a professional look and feel
  • Creation of individual, interim, and full reports (facility and group reports)
  • Code manager for moving services to other specialist departments
  • Choice texts for simple editing

You can download the current system requirements here.


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