Using AI components beneficially

ID MACS® provides ontology with the tools required to fully exploit the advantages of digitalization. In coordination with ID LOGIK®, it combines data intelligently and transforms it into useful support for the treatment process.

Whether in operating theaters, wards, administration, pharmacies, or IT departments: With plausibility checks, analyses, warnings, and recommendations, technology can provide support for work in all areas. The prerequisite for this is the ID LOGIK® terminology server, the benefits of which, however, emerge only in combination with ID MACS®.

ID MACS® – medical semantic network (ontology) – is the medical reference system, which standardizes input parameters and maps and develops content from classifications, nomenclatures, fee systems, books, guidelines, and clinical paths. It is based upon the Wingert Nomenclature (terminology) and contains information on diagnoses, methods, active ingredients, therapies, physiology and laboratory values, and more besides. It is therefore able to map the key areas of medicine and their relationships.

In combination with ID LOGIK®, ID MACS® orchestrates different AI components so that data for in-practice and in-process applications can be prepared, which facilitates and improves the work of doctors, caregivers, pharmacists, coding specialists, and controllers.


  • Knowledge base for medical software
  • Multi-hierarchical structure
  • Multilingual
  • Broad-based classification system for medical and pharmaceutical content
  • Support for all classifications
  • Mapping to other terminologies