ID DIACOS® PHARMA, the software solution developed by ID for eMedication, provides fast and targeted access to extensive information. This simplifies documentation and verification of medication.
ID DIACOS® PHARMA provides quality tools for simplifying the prescription, documentation and verification of medication for physicians.
ID DIACOS® PHARMA provides various options for the research of medications, chemical substances and compounds. Dosage instructions and intake information make documentation complete.
At every point within a treatment period, ID DIACOS® PHARMA checks medication and diagnoses with regard to indications, contraindications, undesired effects, adverse drug reactions, interactions and dosage.

  • documentation of all prescriptions from admission to treatment to discharge
  • clearly structured course of medication
  • quick research
  • simple adjustment of medication
  • verification of indications, contraindications, undesired effects, adverse drug reactions and interactions in relation to diagnoses or symptoms
  • verification of dosage in relation to age, gender and diagnosis
  • allergy checks and notifications of urgent safety information
  • plausibility checks of individual cases and mass data
System Requirements