cost optimization through improved controlling processes

A hospital’s economic efficiency, performance, and quality are monitored, controlled, and assured by the medical and commercial Controlling departments. The ID EFIX® product provides hospital managers, quality managers, and medication controllers with a comprehensive workplace where they can quickly prepare figures and check the integrity of the service documentation, for example.

A cockpit with predefined and freely configurable dashboards are the central functions of analyses. They allow ID EFIX® to quickly present an overview of all relevant figures. In addition, the data can be geovisualized. You get the possibility of determining travel time zones or representing resident physicians as referrers/non-referrers. For the budget and service planning, AEB forms can be created for the DRG and PEPP area. The strategic planning or operative coding checks are supported with simulations of mass data. In the process, parts of the coding can be deleted, inserted, or changed. A final grouping represents the revenue difference. With the setting of various grouper models, catalog effects can also be made visible. Checks by the medical service of the health insurance carriers are just one of many challenges in the hospital. ID EFIX® offers a documentation of the requested cases, with mapping of various test procedures and processing of the §301 data set.

In the ID EFIX® Quality module, in conjunction with the ID KR CHECK®, the risk and target statistics are automatically filled in according to the provisions of the relevant laws and directives.

It affords you the possibility of managing and sorting QS forms and then, once their completeness has been checked, exporting them in a format which is ready for submission.  In the ID QS BÖGEN module, the activated QS forms can be created and edited, taking into account QSKH and DeQS directives (formerly Qesü).

Thanks to the professional way in which ID products interact, you can always see at a glance the status quo of the quality of the treatment in your hospital. Based upon the QS forms scanned into ID EFIX®, the quality indicators defined by the IQTIG are calculated and then displayed clearly. There is also the option of calculating the G-IQI routine data indicators using the ID QI CHECK®.


  • Overview of specific and individual key performance indicators – quickly and easily
  • Supports dialogs with health insurers (budget negotiation) thanks to optimized budget and service planning, incl. AEB
  • Best conditions for responding to changes in requirements during audits
  • Supports access to the provisions of the new reform legislation for the medical service of the health insurance carriers
  • Ensures correct invoicing