Knowing figures and actively controlling them

ID EFIX® provides you with analyses for commercial and medical controlling. With this software, all your revenue and quality-related data are available at a glance so that you can manage your hospital efficiently and safely.

ID EFIX® is a comprehensive workplace for hospital management and medical controlling. It offers hospital management predefined and individual evaluations which, in combination with flexible filter options, quickly provide a comprehensive overview of service provision, coding quality, and the revenue situation. Thanks to the settings predefined by ID, those responsible for using the software can get started straight away and analyze data. In just a few clicks, you can adapt the analyses contained in the delivery contents to the individual issues of your hospital. The same also applies to reporting.

The basis for the expert solution for controlling is the §21 data set. It can be supplemented by importing additional data, which may also be case-related. ID EFIX® bases its analysis of budgets and the planning of services on the structure of the current, flat-rate fee system (e.g., MDC, DRG), on the organizational structures of the respective hospital, and on medical services. After import, case data are grouped into the desired ID GROUPER G-DRG versions. The plausibility of the data can at the same time also be checked using applications such as ID KR CHECK®.

ID EFIX® shows the desired key performance indicators quickly and easily so that you can see at a glance how fees, length-of-stay types, remuneration classes, and coding quality are developing. The software automatically completes the risk and target statistics, taking into account any new quality assurance processes and country specifics. During export, the statistics are encrypted using the associated PGP keys from the IQTIG so that they can be submitted immediately.

With ID EFIX® you can manage and sort QS forms and then, once their completeness has been checked, export them in a format which is ready for submission. Even forms created by third-party systems can be scanned into ID EFIX® for further processing.


  • Data basis §21 dataset + option for additional imports (service data / case data)
  • Fast evaluations
  • Specific filter options
  • Creation of complete or partial simulations
  • Progress display
  • Integrated add-on module ID KR CHECK®/ ID KR CHECK® PEPP
  • Market analyses (referrer management, etc.)
  • Formal inspection of the dataset (§21)

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