Full documentation, service identification, and prompt invoicing.

Effective coding in daily routines on the wards has a direct impact on the revenue situation in the hospital. With ID clinical context coding and the new generation of ID DIACOS®, you can make optimal use of the possibilities offered by digitization. Ours has been developed to improve coding quality and to relieve the burden on employees.

Being able to invoice services promptly and in full is of central economic importance for hospitals. Successful, forward-looking positioning can only be achieved when there is a reliable flow of funds. Digital documentation is a significant step in achieving a higher quality of collected data. Our ID clinical context coding ( ID CCC for short) and the new ID DIACOS® are products that are innovative and proven at the same time, which provide optimum support for your work processes.

For example, ID CCC breaks down any digital and later digitalized documentation into its individual linguistic parts and in doing so identifies those services that need to be invoiced, either within the work process directly or overnight. And with the new generation of the well-known, market-leading ID DIACOS® 8, you can also create documents on mobile devices in the web browser or from within the hospital information system. Whether you use the software on mobile devices or on the PC, clinical services can be documented quickly and reliably using diagnostic and procedure codes (ICD and OPS numbers), while complying with statutory requirements. And for complex medical treatments and other specialist areas, ID DIACOS® SPEZIAL offers targeted, practice-oriented support.

More medical work, less bureaucracy: ID products are close to the coding process in terms of both organization and content and make your work easier – why not try it out?


  • Simplifies the documentation of clinical services
  • Full and prompt invoicing of clinical services
  • Correct data transfer to the cost bearer
  • Calling of functions integrated into the hospital information system
  • Free-text analysis to find overlooked services
  • Medical service groups for coding that is independent of DRG and PEPP, in cooperation with GSG

You can download the current system requirements here.