Every step is digital: ID supports the entire medication process

Medication processes integrated into CGM MEDICO are supported by the DIACOS® PHARMA expert software from ID, the market leader in software for revenue-optimized coding and safe medication.

When combined with the hospital information system, ID DIACOS® PHARMA and ID PHARMA CHECK® present all the steps in the medication process digitally (closed loop) and communicate with the hospital information system, PDMS, LIS, and materials management systems.

The eMedication module ID DIACOS® PHARMA, in combination with the AMTS module ID PHARMA CHECK®, is deeply integrated into the medical prescription process and the curve of the CGM MEDICO information system. Because it seamlessly exchanges data with the hospital information system and other systems, and adds medication management to the functions of these systems, all steps of the medication process can be displayed digitally.

The software provides hospitals with the advantages of digital medication because it is available across departments, prepares data legibly, makes document duplication redundant, and checks the accuracy of documented information.

From converting admission medication to the hospital list, to prescribing during the treatment process, up to the Federal Uniform Medication Plan for discharge: ID DIACOS® PHARMA offers data collection dialogs and functions for every work step. With the aid of ID PHARMA CHECK®, every medication prescription is checked in the context of individual patient data, such as diagnoses, allergies, and laboratory values. Indications and warnings as to contraindications and allergies, pharmaceutical interactions, possible undesirable side effects, and dispensing errors are displayed immediately and form the basis of a new, safe, and reliable prescription process.


Medication anamnesis:

  • Taking over medication from the patient’s previous treatment cases
  • Scanning the Federal Uniform Medication Plan
  • Scanning preparations using the bar codes on the packaging
  • Manual input of the medication by searching for the active ingredient or trade name

Discharge management:

  • Display of statutory documentation requirements

Dosage / Prescription:

  • Select / Search in the hospital list
  • Ordering complex infusions
  • Checking the safety of prescribed medication

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