ID MACS® medical and treatment-related information is prepared by the ID LOGIK® terminology server and can be used in a wide variety of ways in clinical day-to-day work.

ID deploys the terminology server for matters concerning medical documentation, management, and medication and pharmaceutical drug safety.

The ID LOGIK® terminology server is conformed to CTS standards (Common Terminology Services).
The seamless integration into clinical applications is realized with special services packages in SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

Based on ID LOGIK®, the benefits of ID solutions for hospitals include updated coding, improved processes, and reduced  administrative burdens for medical staff.
  • provides services for clinical and administrative systems (packaged in SOA)
  • easy integration into existing infrastructure and into hospital information systems
  • new and easy fields of application (ID DIACOS® Spezial Psych, geriatrics, palliative, ID DIACOS® PHARMA, …)
  • new and individualized documentation formats (patient-focused, profession-centered, …)
  • new and straightforward technology options (PC, tablet, Smartphone, …)
  • market power – well-received in reaction but also in anticipation of the outcome
System Requirements